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You can discover amazing places, sensational wood scents, water sounds and solemn altitudes, at just a few kilometres from Domodossola.

Walk, adventure and surprise yourself!

Domodossola is the confluence centre of Ossola, the big valley that extends along the watershed of Toce river, from which seven valleys branch out that embellish this section of the Lepontine Alps: Antrona valley, Anzasca valley, Bognanco valley, Vigezzo valley, Isorno valley, Antigorio-Formazza valley, Divedro valley.

Each valley astonishes for the typical villages, local foods, ancient churches and museums.

The superb Toce Waterfall, 143 metre high, in Formazza, the valley also renowned for the famous Bettelmatt cheese and Walser homes; the village of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Vigezzo, so called painters valley, with Museo dello Spazzacamino, the typical juniper-smoked prosciutto and landscapes that appear depicted. And so on, each valley has its peculiar characteristics to discover.

The territory of Verbano Cusio Ossola- with the National Park of Val Grande, the natural park of Veglia-Devero and the natural park of Alta Valle Antrona– features the largest area of protected wilderness in Italy.

Places that offer spectacular itineraries among pristine landscapes of Alpine flora and fauna, scattered by small villages, testimony of ancient Mountain populations and countless mountain lakes, all of breath-taking beauty. Among these, to mention a few: Lake Fate in Quarazza/Anzasca valleys;  Lake Cavalli and Lake Cingino in Antrona valley; Lakes Campo and Agro in Bognanco valley; Lake Toggia, the two lakes Boden and Sabbioni lake, in Formazza valley; Lake Panelatte in Vigezzo valley; Lake Streghe and Lake Sangiatto in Devero Alps; Lake Bianco in Divedro valley.

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